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I love this game so much, just wish the episodes were longer. Really good game.

Kinda obsessed

This is one of the best apps I have ever gotten. A little expensive and I wish I had more control of my character but I played every episode in less then half a day. So excited for the next to come out!!!

Amazing game!

This game is absolutely wonderful! The episodes are fun and realistic, though I wish they were less expensive. Almost 3 dollars for episode 2 seems a bit much.

Ok but it shouldnt cost money

I think that we shouldnt have to pay for the chapters I thought this was going to be my new fav app but turns out its just another money grab

Super fun but...

I love the game and the options but I dont think its fair that we should have to pay for the episodes...total money grab

Love it!

This is amazing, but the episodes are quite expensive

Love the game❤️❤️

I love everything about the game and cant wait for the new episode! For the people complaining about it costing money, I actually find the cost pretty cheap and really worth it all.

Great episode and

Good game, But the fact that it costs money? NO, just no. Please make it free so you would get 5 stars :)

First episode is rather great.

I disagree with those saying its a money grab to charge for the episodes. This clearly has been thought out. I backed up a few times and it seems like a lot of choices dont matter however. The art is honestly really good and the relatively short first episode actually was really good. For anyone curious the pronouns you can choose are they,she and he and if desired your character doesnt have to match the pronouns used for them. I was expecting to hate the LGBT aspect of it for being poorly executed but its really well thought out.

Why a boy

Why am I forced to go as a boy


An amazing game even though its very short at the beginning, looking forward to getting the next part of the story! :)


I love the story but there are some bugs where the text box is covered by the characters icon + it goes back to the main menu sometimes :(

I love it! But the episodes are too short

Episodes are short, but its a good story. Already finished all of the episodes, just waiting for more now. I love the LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Excellent especially...

Although I didnt really like the story (I will give it a 3 star) but I LOVE LOVE the song, when you open the app, it will have a song that says "....its my story now, woah-oh". I just like the song very much. So I gave this app a 5 star.


This game is too expensive.. I love the game but I thought it would be free.. I mean, seriously, two dollars for each episode?!

Love at the first sight

I think I am gonna buy the 5 chapters anyway


OK so I didnt even start playing this game but when I saw that you cant even choose your gender like I saw the picture of two boys and then Im like wheres the girl and then I thought wow youre kidding u cant even be a girl I cant choose if this is sexist or just straight up rude


It was great but you have to pay for the rest of the episodes, oh whyyyy!?

Great Game

If I could give it 10, I would. I love this game, I just saw it on the AppStore and I fell in love.

Good art and pretty nice story.

The art is really nice and also the amount of options for gender and pronouns, plus being able to date anyone is really cool. Unlike some people Im a sucker for cliche drama stories in school and became totally engaged with the story. Im also ok with having to buy each episode, I know shocking right, but to be honest lots of choice games do this on the sole purpose of making money since how else are they going to make a game with decent art and storyline just for free and because they have nothing else to do? Cant wait for episode 6!

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