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LongStory app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5568 ratings )
Games Adventure Role Playing
Developer: Bloom Digital Media
Current version: 8.34, last update: 3 months ago
First release : 20 Mar 2014
App size: 547.83 Mb

Please note: LongStory offer in-app purchases. Please disable this feature on your device if you dont want to purchase additional episodes.

FREE Episode 1 Locker 1224 : As a new student at Weasel Heights you must navigate the social landscape, make new friends and face old enemies while trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of the owner of Locker 1224

PAID Episode 2 Hannas Notebook: When you find yourself involved in some serious conflict and drama between Hanniferjane, you must decide whether or not to help. As things get more serious with your crush, you have the opportunity for a first date.

PAID Episode 3 The Party: There’s a jukebox dance party going down at Weasel Heights but things are more complicated than they seem. You start to learn more about Colin, and the big secret he’s keeping. Fly solo or bring your crush and dance the night away.

PAID Episode 4 Drama: Theres a new (old) student at Weasel heights and theyre causing a commotion. Friendships ares strained and relationships are tested. It seems no matter what you do, you cant escape the drama.

PAID Episode 5 Make Up: After the dust settles its time to make things right with your friends, your date, and some people you might have called enemies only a few weeks ago.

PAID Episode 6: History Surprising stories and unfinished business lead to an intense Healthy Relationships Workshop. Look out for the talking stick!

PAID Episode 7: The school year is ending and its time to choose a high school. How will you decide? Worse yet; How will the Turkeyhawk?!

FREE Special Episode: With only a sign and a desire for change you attend a protest with your friends and find out people - especially adults - are complicated.

FREE Special Episode: In Dubai Marcel is away for the summer and it seems kind of lonely. Will it be possible to stay friends online only?

Pros and cons of LongStory app for iPhone and iPad

LongStory app good for

I love this game so much, just wish the episodes were longer. Really good game.
This is one of the best apps I have ever gotten. A little expensive and I wish I had more control of my character but I played every episode in less then half a day. So excited for the next to come out!!!
This game is absolutely wonderful! The episodes are fun and realistic, though I wish they were less expensive. Almost 3 dollars for episode 2 seems a bit much.
I love everything about the game and cant wait for the new episode! For the people complaining about it costing money, I actually find the cost pretty cheap and really worth it all.
I disagree with those saying its a money grab to charge for the episodes. This clearly has been thought out. I backed up a few times and it seems like a lot of choices dont matter however. The art is honestly really good and the relatively short first episode actually was really good. For anyone curious the pronouns you can choose are they,she and he and if desired your character doesnt have to match the pronouns used for them. I was expecting to hate the LGBT aspect of it for being poorly executed but its really well thought out.
An amazing game even though its very short at the beginning, looking forward to getting the next part of the story! :)

Some bad moments

I love the game and the options but I dont think its fair that we should have to pay for the money grab
This game is too expensive.. I love the game but I thought it would be free.. I mean, seriously, two dollars for each episode?!
OK so I didnt even start playing this game but when I saw that you cant even choose your gender like I saw the picture of two boys and then Im like wheres the girl and then I thought wow youre kidding u cant even be a girl I cant choose if this is sexist or just straight up rude
It was great but you have to pay for the rest of the episodes, oh whyyyy!?
So I was making my character, you can only be two people: boy with longish hair and boy with short hair. then it says I go by as: them she he. I clicked she of course. Then I was playing the game (apparently this character went to Paris) some girls came up to me (in game) and said how was gay Paris? so does that mean Im gay in the game????? then when it showed me walking home Im wearing a dress. Oh and you have to BUY episodes 23456
In episode 4 I try to reply to Em and it sends me immediately back to the title screen. Ive tried many things but they havent worked, and when I tried reaching out to the creators on their website I was ignored. Or maybe they just didnt see my message? Who knows. Anyhow Im upset about that. Good game otherwise.

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